Luigi Forte

Already in his boyhood Luigi enjoyed music a lot. He was really inspired of singing and he didn’t care about hitting notes because his passion didn’t stop him from chanting. His family supported him as much as possible. They gave him the opportunity to sing at weddings and family celebrations.


Over the years, the passionate singer enlarged his interests to electronic music and began to deejay with his mates by the aid of an easy discount controller.


He found the origin in electro music. But he realized quickly, that playing of House and Techno music is much more fun. With his ambition his sets were getting better and better and he tried his self at private birthday parties. Unfortunately, the desire of playing in little clubs, wasn’t possible in case of his young age.


As deeper Luigi found a path into the scene, further he spotted that deejaying can be much more exciting playing vinyl. Trough affording two Technics turntables he had the possibility to learn something totally new. He went to a private DJ school, to get better skills with the black gold. After a successful graduation, his teacher organised a contest which Luigi brilliantly won. The award was travelling to Lloret del Mar and playing the club X-Tra.


Since then he became aware that deejaying would replace singing in all points. A new passion was born. His first relevant gig was at “Das Schiff” in Basel, where he could play the intro on the main floor.

In 2013 he founded the label Spielplatzhelden, which is a nameable label in Basel at the moment, together with his friends. This label gives him the opportunities to play at different events and they are happy to have Luigi as a part of this project.