Already as kid, Carlo Thommen  alias Vellum, was excited about music. He waned to become a drummer at the very first time and later he found his passion to the electric guitar but only for a short time lapse.


The electronic music started to play a major role in his youth. All started with Dubstep and Electro, but he found a connection to Techno and House rapidly. Since the age of 17 he has been faithful to this genres. For him this music is like an escape of everyday life and it’s a possibility to live up his interests.


He started to deejay in 2012, inspirited by the disc jokey of a little private party. After touching the equipment the very first time, he has been fascinated of it and decided to become a DJ himself. Started with a little controller from Native Instruments, he realised quickly, that there can be more enjoyment working with turntables and Traktor Scratch.


Little by little Carlo was getting better and more and more into dark Deep House.

Vellum connects old procedures with new music. With the experience of the two past years, there is going to be something totally new.

This guy appears with a dark Deep- Techhouse which bumps the border of Techno and he stops a gap in the scene, which is going to be bigger and bigger.


Coupling. Charming. Vellum.